"It is such a comfort to know that while I am living out of state, my home is being cared for and managed by Holly. Her professionalism and follow through puts my mind at ease and I rarely think or worry about my property. She is always easy to get a hold of when I need to speak to her and she quickly responds to my questions. I value her as a property manager and am very thankful for her thorough work."
- T.B., Property Owner

"Holly has proven to be a real partner for our small rental business. At this time we only have one duplex listed with her but she takes care of us and our property like it was a big apartment building. Our tenants know that she is responsive to their problems and concerns while at the same time looking out for our interests. Even with regards to collecting past due rents both the tenant and us as owners know she is fair. In the future we plan on handing over five more units at two locations for Holly to manage!"
- D.K., Property Owner

"I have had rental properties for over 20 years and use to manage it all myself. Three years ago, my job was eliminated and I had to move out of state to get a job. I had another property management company take care of my rentals, but found they were not looking out for my best interests and I had more calls to manage with them than when I did it all myself. I almost looked at selling the properties due to the problems, but after 9 months, I made contact with Holly and she took grasp of the situation and has done an excellent job for me. She has kept the properties well maintained and occupancy full. When a tenant does move, she has new tenants within 2 weeks. Even though I cannot do the personal touches now, I feel very confident nothing is being missed or neglected with having Holly manage it. Holly keeps me informed, without overkill and seeks the right amount of input on new tenants or any repairs that may need to be made."
- H.O., Property Owner

"Finding Holly was one of the great benefits of working with the real estate agent that sold us our new home. Holly has helped us navigate what I imagined would be a fearful terrain. She gave us tips on preparing our old home for rental, found us a great maintenance company (who we have also hired to work on our new home,) and reliable tenants. I can't imagine owning a rental home without Holly to manage it. I can't say enough positive things."
- P.R., Property Owner

"Holly has been my property manager for almost two years and it has been a great experience! She has been nothing but trustworthy, dependable and professional - from emergency A/C issues to dealing with questions directly with our tenant, I couldn't ask for a better person to depend on!"
- S.K., Property Owner

"I have worked with Holly on and off for the past three years and am happy to say that I highly recommend her services. She has always been punctual at responding to my individual needs and quickly makes adjustments when unique situations arise. Although it is impossible to predict every negative scenario I am confident that she will use her excellent professional judgement when deciding a course of action."
- M.S., Property Owner

"Holly illustrates professionalism from start to finish. Her passion for finding the right candidates for each property sets the tone for a great experience to come. Her clear communication and efficient way of working on a daily basis make it a snap for homeowners. It's an effortless experience with Holly and she just makes things happen with no surprises. She treats the properties she manages as if they were her own. Another great thing is that Holly does what she says she'll do...there is no guess work. It's truly a pleasure to work with Forseman Rental Property Management and I appreciate the partnership."
- T.B., Property Owner

"Holly is such a pleasure to work with. She is prompt to respond to questions and concerns, which is a huge plus for a property manager. I would recommend her to anyone with rental properties looking for someone to manage them efficiently."
- B.B., Property Owner

"Holly is an exceptional property manager. She is honest and does not over charge her owners. She has managed my rental properties and has done a great job placing good tenants quickly. I have always felt that she has my best interest in mind."
- B.D., Property Owner

"Holly is a great property manager. She has been managing my rental properties the last several years. I started looking for a property manager since my responsibility at work increased. I am glad to have found Holly. She is very professional. She is very easy to get a hold of -- whether by text, phone, email, slow mail. She always responds in a timely manner. I like the fact that she has a list of tenants looking for properties even before one of my properties becomes available. In addition, she uses various advertising techniques (e.g. for-rent signs on front yards, Craig's list). She has rigorous tenant screening process. More importantly, I value her opinion in the current local rental market levels. For example, she was able to successfully negotiate lease agreements for higher rent levels than I myself would have expected for several of my properties. She will also do a walk-through the property and give advice about what repair/maintenance/upgrades will be needed to get the higher rental rates without breaking the bank. The higher rent levels and rapid turnover (short vacancy rates) easily make up for her already competitive fees. She has successfully found long-term tenants for my rental properties!

Holly makes repairs and maintenance very easy and painless. She does a lot of the behind of the scenes work. She obtains estimates and is willing to discuss options that fit the budget. I like the fact that I can set the maximum $$ her company can spend before I am notified. I do not need to be bothered by every little repair but also I have a say on how to handle large repairs on maintenance issues. I like the fact that she personally visits the premises approximately every 6 months, which I never had time to do. Holly handles required city inspections--this has made my life easier. She e-mails monthly financial reports to me and also provides me access to my statements, reports and maintenance on-line. Her company directly deposit the rents to my bank, which could hardly be more convenient for me."
- R.L., Property Owner